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UVCair its all we do...Ultraviolet light for Air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Mechanical engineers know that HVAC systems account for an estimated of 40-60% of energy use in buildings. When you consider that fouled coils can add another 30% to building energy costs, while producing 10% less cooling, performance and energy efficiency become key factors in the bottom line. UVCAIR is the premium dealer of Steril-Aire (UVC for HVAC) products into Queensland, located in Brisbane. What if there was an investment that paid measurable, almost immediate benefits in efficiency while reducing maintenance costs? What if you could restore your buildings air conditioning (HVAC) systems performance back to its designed output. What kind of a financial impact could maximizing chiller performance have on your bottom line? And, imagine what facility engineers could do with the time lost to thermal comfort complaints. Steril-Aire a twenty year old company, is the leader in High Output UVC Emitters™ that are used worldwide for IAQ, AC energy saving, reduction in HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) and other benefits listed below. The UVC Emitter™ has been independently tested against all known competitors and they are typically, 5 times more powerful at normal AC operating temperatures

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Sterilaire- AS/NZS 61347.2.3 Certified.

If your using another UVC product in  your air conditioning system/s in Australia, be aware,  in the case of a fire you may not be covered under insurance – ensure that your UVC product is certified for Australian use.

Chemical coil cleaning

      This is the end result of cleaning a coil with chemicals. Air pressure can and will increase as the biofilm is pushed into the center of a coil.