Benefits of Sterilaire UVC

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  • Steril-Aire Destroys biofilm (mold, bacteria and viruses)] growing in the coils or stops it from growing
  • Steril-Aire Automatically cleans the coils
  • Steril-Aire Removes viruses, bacteria, mold mycotoxins/spores and VOCs from the circulating air
  • Steril-Aire Provides partial protection against pandemics
  • Steril-Aire Saves 10 to 20% of AC energy cost
  • Steril-Aire Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Steril-Aire Provides IAQ (up to 99.9%) air free of air-borne viruses bacteria and mold
  • Steril-Aire Improves health of occupants and reduces absenteeism
  • Steril-Aire Reduces Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Steril-Aire Saves coil maintenance labor and coil cleaning material cost
  • Steril-Aire Increases life of “down stream” HEPA filters
  • Steril-Aire Increases life of coil and chillers
  • Steril-Aire Allows for the grey water use of the AHU condensate
  • Steril-Aire Reduces bacteria on food
  • Steril-Aire Normally provides “pay back” in less than one year
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