Just the Facts

When researching for A UVC product for your Air-Conditioning systems, there really is only three questions you need to know. The first being The output of UVC at 253.7 (NM) cold moving Air and where the product is to be installed. If you are advised that the emitters are to be installed on the Air on side of the coil you should start to worry.

The fact is the mold and bacteria start to grow where  the most moisture is present, this being the air off side of the evaporator coil.

The second,   Electrical certification from the relevant authorities in your country ?

The Third is Proof, ask for case study’s and references, test data that will prove that the product you are buying will perform in the cold moving air (typically between 10 to 15 degrees C) and be effective, these simple three steps of due diligence will ensure you avoid purchasing a less than effective UVC product.

  • Effectiveness-of-germicidal-uv-radiation-for-reducing-fungal-contamination
  • Steril-Aire Destroys biofilm growing in the coils and stops it from growing
  • Steril-Aire Automatically cleans the coils
  • Steril-Aire Removes viruses, bacteria, mold mycotoxins/spores and VOCs from the circulating air
  • Steril-Aire Provides partial protection against pandemics
  • Steril-Aire Saves 10 to 20% of AC energy cost
  • Steril-Aire Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Steril-Aire Provides IAQ (up to 99.9%) air free of air-borne viruses bacteria and mold
  • Steril-Aire Improves health of occupants and reduces absenteeism
  • Steril-Aire Reduces Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Steril-Aire Saves coil maintenance labor and coil cleaning material cost
  • Steril-Aire Increases life of “down stream” HEPA filters
  • Steril-Aire Increases life of coil and chillers
  • Steril-Aire Allows for the grey water use of the AHU condensate
  • Steril-Aire Reduces bacteria on food
  • Steril-Aire Normally provides “pay back” in less than one year
  • 1. Enhancing HVAC Energy Savings through UVC Emitters –