The 123 of UVC

The science behind Steril Aire sets us apart.

In order to understand how Steril-Aire UVC works, it is important to understand the science behind UVC.  The C wavelength of the UV spectrum (UVC – 253.7nm).  targets the DNA of microorganisms, destroying their cells and making replication impossible. Directed at a cooling coil or drain pan, UVC energy destroys surface biofilm, a gluey matrix of microorganisms that grows in the presence of moisture. Biofilm is prevalent in HVAC systems and leads to a host of indoor air quality (IAQ) and HVAC operational problems. UVC also destroys airborne viruses and bacteria that circulate through an HVAC system.

For the most effective microbial control, Steril-Aire UV germicidal Emitters are installed on the supply side of the system, downstream from the cooling coil and above the drain pan. This location provides more effective biofilm and microbial control than in-duct UVC installations.  By irradiating the contaminants at the source – the cooling coils and drains pans – Steril-Aire UVC delivers simultaneous cleaning of surface microorganisms and destruction of airborne microorganisms. Steril-Aire patented this installation configuration in 1998.

The recirculating air in HVAC systems creates redundancy in exposing microorganisms to UVC, ensuring multiple passes so the light energy is effective against large quantities of airborne microorganisms.  Steril-Aire UVC delivers the highest UVC output, driving HVAC system efficiency while improving indoor air quality.

For optimum performance, Steril-Aire UVC is systems engineered to deliver output of nine microwatts per linear inch of glass measured from a distance of one meter, tested at an air velocity of 400 feet per minute in a temperature of 50° F. UVC output declines over time, reaching a half-life after 9,000 operating hours or slightly over one year when running on a 24/7 basis. It is necessary to start at a high enough output, to ensure adequate output will be maintained throughout the service of the device, otherwise, it may not be able to maintain effective micro­bial control.

Steril-Aire’s multi-patented UVC Emitters deliver the longest-lasting UVC performance available.  As shown in the comparison graph below, it has been independently tested to deliver up to 6 times the output of other UVC devices under HVAC operating conditions.

UVC Output vs. Temperature (Science)




The problem with cleaning coils with chemicals
Coil cleaned with chemicals  As a coil is cleaned with conventinal cleaning methods, the biofilm is pushed deeper inside the coil. Steril-aire kills the biofilm that grows, thus increasing efficiency and improving Indoor air quality.